Islamic Leaders visit Vatican City

The Forum for Peace has travelled to Vatican City, attending a workshop titled ‘Reaffirming Global Solidarity, Restoring Humanity’. At the round table on Faith Based organizations and religious leaders: partners in humanitarian action, Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah’s address was read out by the Vice President of the Forum for Peace, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. Shaykh Yusuf briefly spoke about the recent Marrakesh Declaration and the importance of protecting minorities. Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, another participant of the workshop, gave a powerful talk on the humanitarian crisis in the Middle East.

Full text of address by Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah:

In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

An Address to the “Restoring Humanity” Meeting
Vatican City, 26 February, 2016

May God send his peace and blessings upon our master Muhammad, the Seal of Prophets, and upon his brothers from the prophets and messengers.

Dear brothers and sisters,

It was my hope to be there with you so that I could personally express the spirit of cooperation and solidarity I feel with you and with the noble work that you all undertake.

In these times, it is a duty to remind ourselves of the world of humanity’s share values and to work to restore to mankind its humanity; to engender kindness and compassion in the heart of humanity so that it may be as one body and spirit, as it is described in the Holy Quran:
“If anyone kills a person– unless in retribution for murder or spreading corruption in the land– it is as if he kills all mankind, while if any saves a life it is as if he saves the lives of all mankind.” (5:32)
Thus, each soul represents all of humanity, and so whosoever feeds the hungry and treats the ill, it is as if he gives life to all of humanity.

This is the type of solidarity that a relief worker feels that by providing aid to another he is first aiding himself. It is in this way that he feels his identity as an integrated part of the human family. A businessman that spends all of his money helping others feels that he is, in reality, helping himself and spending on his brothers and sisters in humanity. This is the unity of humanity that is captured in “while if any saves a life it is as if he saves the lives of all mankind.” This is the embodiment of humanity in a single person. Humanity began from one soul which God, Glory be to Him, ennobled and breathed into it His spirit, then he spread forth from that soul many men and women, to be His children/dependents, and the best of people are the best to God’s children/dependents.

All of our efforts at the Forum for Promoting Peace are seeking peace in the hearts of people and peace between peoples. Our work is to spread the spirit of love and the values of solidarity and love of neighbor. We put forth the most beautiful elements of our tradition which embodies a practical way for people to employ, such as the tradition of our Prophet, “He has not believed in me the one who sleeps satiated while his neighbor is hungry and he knows of it.” Today we are all neighbors in this world that is both large and small.

Dear brothers and sisters, we must all work together religious leaders, businessmen and women, men and women in the private and public sectors to restore to humanity its warmth and kindness, to restore serenity to the souls of men, love to the hearts, and hope to the desperate, health to the sick, and life in place of death. This is the message we all share.

With deepest salutations, love, and respect

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Addressing the Meeting

Shaykh Hamza Yusuf Addressing the Meeting


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