Islam by Touch: Making Islam Accessible to the Blind

Yadira and her Husband Nadir are a blind couple working to make the Quran accessible to the blind.

Born and raised Catholic, Yadira converted to Islam and in learning about the beauty of Islam, was restricted to listening to audio books and recordings, she wanted to connect with the holy literature on a more personal level.

Of course, it isn’t to say that listening to books and lectures does not induce its own unique and enriching experience, but to be presented with a choice to read for oneself provides A chance for deeper reflection and connection to the facts and stories being absorbed.

Their organisation Islam by Touch works to produce and distribute braille copies of the Saheeh International translations of the holy Quran and other literature free of charge.

Our mission is to provide this literature to everyone for FREE.  Currently, to our knowledge, there are no Braille copies of English translations of Islamic literature available to the public free of charge.

They are currently distributing across the United States and have ambitions to make these transcripts attainable worldwide.

To help the production of braille copies of the Quran you can donate here 



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