Interfaith Week 2014 – A Call to British Muslims

Interfaith Week 2014 takes place between Sunday 16 November and Saturday 22 November. is pleased to announce that many Imams and mosques across the country have organised interfaith events. These interfaith activities include opening the doors of the mosques, undertaking social actions and caring for the local community by providing for the homeless.

The Muslim community, like other faith communities, has a long history of contributing to social action and is able to impact on areas of high social needs, respond to local priorities, increase volunteering and have a history of working in the spirit of localism.

As part of these events, the mosques are bringing together faith communities and local civil and business partners. Young people from across the communities are collecting food for the homeless and those in desperate need. Food is being donated by local businesses, and young people are distributing them to the local centres that cater for the homeless and refugees.

It is hoped that the activities carried out during the interfaith week will continue and the relationships developed during these initiatives will flourish throughout the year.

ImamsOnline urges British Muslims, mosques and Muslim organisation to participate in the Interfaith Week by organising such activities that will extend existing bonds of cooperation and friendship and create new ones.

If any assistance is required, the ImamsOnline team is here to help!


Qari Muhammad Asim


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