In response to Boris Johnson

Imam Qari Asim, Senior Editor of Imams Online

Boris Johnson has been accused of “fanning the flames of Islamophobia” after saying that Muslim women who wear veils look like “bank robbers” and “letter boxes”.’

‘Imam Qari Asim, a prominent imam who sits on the government’s Anti-Muslim Hatred Working Group, told The Times: “They are absolutely demonising, misogynistic, hurtful comments and they are fanning the flames of Islamophobia. As a result, the thugs who are already snatching the headscarves of Muslim women will feel empowered that someone who is part of the establishment, who has been our foreign secretary, is giving them licence.”’

Imam Asim said the statement of Prime Minister’s official spokesman is positive and encouraging: “The long-standing government position on this is clear, that we do not support a ban on the wearing of the veil in public.
“Such a prescriptive approach would be not in keeping with British values of religious tolerance and gender equality.”

Imam Qari Asim, Senior Editor of Imams Online

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