Imams Online Vision – Unity, Reflection, Response

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim

The Imams Online project was set up in 2011 with a fundamental principle of non-endorsement for any single group, ideology or school of thought. Imams Online has always prided itself on maintaining the ability to avoid biases over fiqh, madhabs and sects. It has continued to bring together individuals from all ideological/sectarian backgrounds and unite them under the common cause of promoting a positive Islamic message and highlighting exemplary Islamic leadership, through the powerful medium of the Internet. Our vision is based on ‘three Es’:



We are committed to supporting and empowering Imams, Scholars and Aalimahs with the necessary skills and training that will further enhance them as leading voices within their communities. Through this empowerment, Imams, Scholars and Aalimahs will be able to take a positive vocal stand against extremism and be able to effectively commentate as civic leaders on contemporary socio-political issues and domestic family matters. This will enable them the confidence and ability to challenge negative perceptions of Islam in the public sphere, which is fuelling Islamapobia and anti Muslim hatred. Through this empowerment, Imams, Scholars and Aalimahs will also prove to be assertive and focussed on young people instilling them with confidence and providing them with proactive engagement opportunities.

An example of Imams take a leading role in the media and public discourse, Senior editor of Imams Online Qari Asim in an interview with Sky News.


We encourage Imams, Scholars and Aalimahs to be active, progressive members of society through positive and constructive engagement with administrative authority, civic society organisations and interfaith networks. Imams Online firmly believes in the need to build and maintain productive, healthy relationships with all aspects of society to ensure that Muslim faith leaders can offer constructive contributions for both Muslim and wider non – Muslim communities. Engagement also focuses very closely on equipping Muslim leaders on communicating with youth and encouraging them to contribute to society as upstanding Muslim citizens.

An example of Imams Online contribution to ‘Engage’ is the facilitation with Al Madina Masjid in Barking, a model institution, where leaders of the major faith engaged with the Home Secretary on matters of national importance.


We continue to support the overall development of Imams, Scholars and Aalimahs by championing their voices and promoting their exemplary work. We have identified the growing importance of the digital space and focus on developing this understanding to ensure Islamic leadership is engaged with and an expert at promoting the positive Islamic message through this medium. We are also committed to ensuring the development of Islamic leaders that are equipped to deal with the difficulties faced by a young Muslim population in Britain in need of a clear and concise Islamic narrative.

The Imams Online Digital Summit, London 2015 provided this opportunity and allowed Islamic Leadership from across the UK a chance to discuss such matters in depth. The Summit was attended by Imams, Scholars, Aalimahs and activists from across the theological spectrum that represented a very wide range of mosques, seminaries and other organisations.

Following consultation with Imams and Scholars in the UK, Imams Online recent focus has been on counteracting the spread of ISIL propaganda found online, primarily on social media and specifically targeting the youth. Providing the platform for Imams, Scholars and Aalimahs to have their voices heard through this medium is paramount to the longevity and future sustainability of Islamic Leadership in a modern world.

Imams Online does not prescribe to notions of ‘deformism’ as some accusations baselessly stipulate. The messages and actions of Imams Online have been clear since its inception, namely the promotion of good practice based around consensually agreed, normative Islamic understanding. Imams Online strives hard to conduct itself with utmost humility and the correct adab and akhlaq demanded of us by Allah and his Prophet (saw).

Imams Online will continue to:

  • Encourage dialogue and learning.
  • Strive to serve the needs of the wider Muslim community in the best way possible.
  • Focus on sharing good practice and positive work by Muslim leaders; through the internet and in the media, across the UK and the rest of the world.

“Invite to the Way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching, and argue with them in a way that is better…”

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