ImamsOnline at Muslim Leaders Conference

Senior Editor at and Senior Imam at Makkah Mosque Leeds
Hundreds of Scholars and Imams from across the UK and Europe gathered in Birmingham to reflect upon some of the challenges faced by British Muslims at a conference for Imams, hosted by Noor TV.

Imams from across the country appreciates the incredible work that Imams and mosques have done to strengthen faith of the Muslim community but also recognised that the form of the challenges had changed. Accordingly, there is a need for a strong, competent and confident leadership, and having a strategic approach

to developing a confident and competent British Muslim Identity.

During his presentation, Imam Qari Asim spoke about some of the work that ImamsOnline has been doing in this regard, including:
⭕ Enhancing and supporting religious leadership through training- nourishing a strong, competent and confident leadership in Muslim communities.
⭕ Highlighting Mosques and Imams engaging both men and women in communities.
⭕ Highlighting Imams talking about relevant and social issues during their sermons.
We at ImamsOnline hope to continue this work, and are open to any Imams or Faith Leaders wishing to contribute.

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