Imams and Scholars Pay Respects to Abdul Sattar Edhi

The death of the much loved and respected Pakistani humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi has garnered an outpouring of emotion from across the world with statesmen, military personnel, media celebrities and Islamic leaders coming out to pay their respects.

Abdul Sattar Edhi passed away in Karachi, Pakistan on Friday 8th June at the age of 88. His legacy is one of incredible servitude to the poor and needy over a period of 6 decades in which he set up the ‘Edhi Foundation‘ as an organisation dedicated to providing a wide range of free social services to the people of Pakistan. As of today, the Edhi Foundation provides ambulances, orphanages and support to the elderly and disabled.

His honesty, simplicity and dedication to the poor and needy made him one of the most respected men in the history of Pakistan and South Asia with some referring to him as the ‘Father Teresa’ and ‘Angel of Mercy’. His funeral was attended by thousands at the National Stadium in Karachi and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has posthumously honoured Abdul Sattar Edhi  with the ‘Nishan e Imtiaz’ – the highest state honour given to a civilian. The work his foundation has been doing will be carried on by his family.

Imams and Islamic scholars have also paid there respects to Adbul Sattar Edhi on Facebook and Twitter.

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi wrote:

Abdul Sattar Edhi came from a poor family. Almost illiterate growing up, not able to go to any University, and working as a poor factory worker, he decided at the age of 20, one year after his beloved mother died, to make a difference in the world. Not having anything to give, he gave his love and service and dedication.

He says of his own experiences, “I didn’t want to beg to get money; I wanted to teach my people to be generous on their own.” And that is exactly what happened. For decades, he slowly created a name for himself as being the one who would take care of any abandoned child, or help any sick person, or take care of any impoverished family, without concern as to the creed, color, religion or race of the one in distress. Eventually, money came to him from all places in the world, and all of it he gave back, wrapped in his love and served with his dedication. His simple lifestyle is a manifestation of that sincerity – to the day that he died, he owned but two garments.

As far back as I can remember, I always heard his name mentioned with the utmost of honor and respect, amongst all of my family and circle of friends, in gatherings public and private. And today, as we all mourn his death, and pray that Allah blesses him and exalts his ranks, we see truly what inspires people to love. We see the single sure way to earn the genuine respect and admiration of humanity, and, we hope, rewards with the Divine.

It doesn’t matter whether your Sunni or Shi`i, Salafi or Sufi, Barelwi or Ahl-e-Hadis, Christian or Muslim, Pakistani or Arab. Today, all that knew him and his works – and I mean *ALL* that knew him and his works – mourn his loss together. Helping others selflessly is the language of all religions and peoples, and it is the essence of true spirituality.

What a giant amongst men, and how immense the vacuum that he has left for us to attempt to fill!

May Allah reward you, Abdul Sattar Edhi, for all that you have done, and for showing us that humans such as yourselves – living, walking saints – can exist.

Imam Khalid Latif posted:

The world lost a great mercy today with the passing of Abdul Sattar Edhi saab. His life was only about service to others – a selflessness that the world is sorely in need of and will definitely miss. If you are unfamiliar with his work, he was a friend to the friendless, helping orphans, women, abandoned infants and more. To honor his legacy each of us should take up the mantle of his work. Perhaps if every person who was ever moved or had benefitted from his work were to do something good for others every day for the rest of our lives, we could fill the gap of goodness that his passing will create.

May Allah grant you only the highest levels of jannah. Ameen.

Rest in Peace. Rest in Power.

Imam Qari Muhammad Asim posted:

A Selfless Humanitarian, philanthropist and Pakistani Icon Abdul Sattar Edhi has passed away. He was father of 50,000 orphans and the world’s richest poor man.

I had the great privilege of meeting the legendary Abdul Sattar Edhi and supporting his charitable causes. His inspiration was Islam and he was motivated by a spiritual quest for justice. He had deep love for the Prophet (peace be upon him) and wanted to spread the Prophet’s message of love to others.

Despite his epic achievements, I always found him extremely simple and incredibly humble. His heart was filled with love and his body was broken by the pain that he had absorbed over the years. His body was frail and week but his determination was strong.

Edhi proved that miracles are possible through selfless dedication. He cared for everyone regardless of wealth, gender, class or religion. “Social welfare was my vocation, I had to free it,” he says in his autobiography, ‘A Mirror To The Blind’.

Edhi grew up in poverty and today he owned just two pairs of clothes and still lived in the same home where he spent his slum childhood. But what is remarkable and incredibly inspirational is that he has established the largest health and welfare system in the developing world, providing healthcare to millions of people across Pakistan and has helped thousands more around the world.

Edhi and his charity created maternity wards, morgues, orphanages, shelters and homes for the elderly – all aimed at helping those who cannot help themselves.

Edhi’s autobiography, published in 1996, records that he recovered stinking corpses “from rivers, from inside wells, from road sides, accident sites and hospitals… When families forsook them, and authorities threw them away, I picked them up… Then I bathed and cared for each and every victim of circumstance.”

May Allah Almighty grant Abdul Sattar Edhi one of the highest places in Paradise. May his exceptional humanitarian work long continue and may his lifelong work continue to inspire others to care for our fellow human being.

Shaykh Muhammad Aslam wrote:

It was with great sadness to inform you that Abdul Sattar Edhi has left this world. He was from the greatest humanitarians of our time and aided tens of thousands of people whilst living a life of simplicity and abstinence. May Allah elevate him and grant him the highest abodes of paradise.

Empty words and long praises do not impress God. Show Him your faith by your deeds.

Abdul Sattar Edhi

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