Imams and Scholars Launch Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research

On Thursday 20th October, Shaykh Omar Suleiman and a diverse group of like minded Imams, Scholars and Academic Researchers, both male and female, officially launched the Yaqeen Institute of Islamic Research.

The Yaqeen Institute has been set up as a non-profit research initiative that looks to analyse and understand classical Islamic standpoints and address the big issues in modern day discourses around society, religion, Islamophobia and extremism. The institute aims to engage a variety of audiences by providing content in the form of journals, articles, surveys, videos, conferences and curriculums.

As part of its desire to fully engage its audience, the Yaqeen Institute will also provide a ‘behind the scenes‘ look at the intricacies of how research is developed and an opportunity to look at the processes, conversations and ideas that people from different backgrounds have when they come together to discuss theories and develop ideas.

The Yaqeen Institute will bring together Imams, Scholars and Researchers that have studied from both classical educational institutions (like Al Azhar) and secular Western institutions (like Harvard and Yale) as a way of showcasing the different ways an idea can be approached and theories can be interrogated and challenged.

The focus of the institutes research will be on areas of ‘Conviction’, ‘Islamophobia and Extremism’ and ‘Contribution’.

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