Imams Online Supports #SeeItReportIt Campaign

Logo WEBExtremist content online is becoming more of a problem than ever which is why ten Imams from our group in the UK are lending their names and support to a joint community based campaign called See It, Report It. The aim of the campaign is to encourage everyone who comes across material they consider to be hateful or extremist, which they see on any social media platform, to report it. The new website contains a simple step-by-step guide explaining how you can do this and help remove extremist content from the internet.

We are proud to be part of this initiative and delighted that our involvement was highlighted in The Sunday Times, when they announced See It, Report It to their readers at the weekend.

Our editor-in-chief Shaukat Warraich, said: “This is a simple plea from representatives of all our communities to the public and internet and social media companies to act to help keep us safe from extremist content. As citizens of this country, we share with our neighbours in towns and cities all over the UK a responsibility to step in if we suspect wrongdoing. If we had concerns over potential acts of terror, designed to do us harm in seeitreportit.orgour communities, we would report it. It must be the same in the online world.”

 It’s our duty to act and make the internet a safe place for everyone. Visit the website today:

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