Press Release: British Muslim Communities Unite in Outrage against David Haines’ Murder

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  • New video sees Imams and community leaders condemn murder of David Haines
  • More than 1700 mosques called upon to hold extended prayers


British Muslim communities have come together today in open condemnation of the actions of ISIS in the wake of a video reportedly showing the beheading of David Haines, a British citizen and humanitarian aid worker.

In a heartfelt response, senior Imams and community leaders have reached out to the family of David Haines in a short new video in which they express their condolences to his family and are vocal in their condemnation of the barbaric and abhorrent actions of the terrorists.


In a national response to the atrocity, has called upon its network of more than 1700 mosques, attended by in excess of one million British Muslims, to hold extended prayers today and throughout this week.

Local senior Imams and community leaders also go on to offer support and reassurance that the illegal actions of ISIS in no way represents the views and beliefs of the many British Muslims here in the UK.


Qari Asim from Leeds representing Makka Masjid, said: “As a nation we must come together in our grief, condemning the actions of the terrorists ISIS. The cowardly murder of David Haines; a father, husband, and friend to humanity, has devastated the country. I call on all faiths to join together in our response through prayer and messages of support to show a unified Britain against the cowards ISIS.”


Sheikh Sayed Ali Razawi from London representing Majlis Ulama-e-Shia, said: “As a Briton, as a Muslim and as member of the human race, I condemn ISIS and their actions. This is deplorable, this is unjustifiable and this is not anything I recognise from the teachings of the Qu’ran. 


Our thoughts and prayers go out to David’s family and loved ones as well as his local community who are have been affected by this heinous crime.”


The outpouring of shock, disbelief and anger against ISIS has been unprecedented, as Britons, irrespective of religious beliefs or background, react to an attack on one of our own.


Shaukat Warraich the Chief Editor of said: “This vile and unwarranted attack will not divide our communities but instead continue to unite us against the terrorists ISIS. Our prayers and thoughts will be filled with messages of support and peace as we come together in this most difficult time. He also said the murder is an attack on all humanitarians helping all those around the word and puts at risk the support given unconditionally by people of all faith and creeds.


Britain is a proud multi-faith society and we will not allow this crime of hate to divide us. Today as always we stand together as one Britain. No matter our faith or background, our message is clear; this is not just, this is not acceptable and this will not be tolerated.”


A number of voices from Imams and community leaders across the UK have been brought together in a new film hosted by, as the communities continue in the digital fight back against the hate-filled propaganda disseminated by ISIS.


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