Imams Online ‘Day of Prayer’ – Media Coverage

From London to Leicester and Birmingham to Bradford, Muslims across the U.K. have come together to condemn the un-Islamic actions of ISIS.

 Imams Online called for a special day of prayer on September 19th – in response to the kidnapping of humanitarian volunteer Alan Henning in Syria and the recent beheading of David Haines.

 Calling on all Muslims to say a prayer for the families of both men, Founder and Chief Editor of Imams Online Shaukat Warraich said: “We also ask the Muslim communities, in mosques and Islamic centres, to make a special prayer for all of the humanitarians working in this region.”

 Nadeem Malik, U.K. Director of the Bahu Trust, added: “Muslims around the world feel that the so-called Islamic State, which we are calling the un-Islamic State, doesn’t represent our views.”

 As well as receiving coverage in a series of local television news programmes, the campaign was also reflected in newspapers and on websites up and down the country. 

 Find out more about the campaign in this short film: 

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