Imams message to the Muslim community following new COVID-19 Guidance

“Coronavirus still poses a threat to life and so appropriate safety measures must be taken to minimise the risk. We are relieved that latest lockdown restrictions do not affect places of worship.


Daily prayers, as well as Friday prayers, will continue to be held at mosques, with social distancing and other safety measures. Mosques fulfil a vital spiritual dimension in the lives of Muslims and have been amongst other services, a pillar in communities to help deal with the pandemic.


I urge Muslims across the UK to continue to follow guidelines to not only protect themselves but each other especially the more vulnerable.


Not long ago, we saw unjustified hateful and discriminatory narratives circulating about the Muslim community linked to the lockdown.


We must not give rise to Islamophobia and let this happen again but rather continue to work together to defeat the virus.”


Imam Qari Asim,

Senior editor, ImamsOnline

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