Imams gather to remember Srebrenica

“We must never, ever forget what happened at Srebrenica — right here in Europe. The world failed Bosnia in its hour of need.” – David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain.

The genocide that took place in July 1995 is one of the darkest moments in European history. It is believed more than 8’000 Bosniaks; men, women & children were brutally killed around the town of Srebrenica during the Bosnian War. The killing & torture that took place lead the Secretary-General of the United Nations to describe the mass murder as the worst crime on European soil since the Second World War.

On Sunday, 9th June, approaching the 20th anniversary, Islamic leaders will commemorate the atrocity that took place & remember the people of Srebrenica – providing it with the recognition it deserves. The killings that took place in Srebrenica was an Islamophobic attack never seen before on Muslims in Europe. It is important for the Muslim community to be educated on the history & build the awareness of this tragedy. The day will involve talks from various people such as the Ambassador of Bosnia & Herzegovina, H.E. Mustafa Mujezinovic.

When Bosnia needed the world to be there for them, the world was silent. It is imperative that we recognise the events that sadly look place in July 1995 & ensure it is never forgotten & that we learn from such atrocities to ensure they don’t happen again. Bosnia is now a shining light in the world as stated by Pope Francis; “Bosnia and Herzegovina, a country once torn apart by war and ethnic divisions, is now a model of unity and peace following the establishment of fraternal dialogue”. Srebrencia is one historic example that serve to remind us what’s at stake if we let genocide happen again.



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