Imam Suhaib Webb Presents Ramadan 2016 ‘SnapSeer’

Imam Suhaib Webb is known for his accessibility via social media platforms. In recent articles, there has been coverage of Imam Webb’s use of social media as a way of connecting with younger Muslims with particular focus on the way he utilises Snapchat.

Imam Webb, a graduate of Al Azhar University, has earned the authority to issue Islamic rulings in his capacity as a Mufti and is committed to making Islam relevant and accessible to young Muslims. Through this commitment, Imam Webb engages in short Q&As with his followers through Snapchat and looks to provide insight, advice and Islamic guidance on all sorts of issues including dating, drugs and addictions. He has even coined the phrase ‘Snapwa’ – a mix of Snapchat and Fatwa.

For this years Ramadan, Imam Webb is looking to use Snapchat as a means of connecting young Muslims with the Qur’an. Every night of Ramadan, Imam Webb will be presenting a ‘SnapSeer’ (Snapchat Tafseer) of the Qur’an which will provide an overview of what Imams are going to be reading in the night prayers. Imam Webb hopes that by the end of the month, his followers will have a better understanding of the Qur’an and through this will develop a close relationship with it beyond the month of Ramadan.

To follow Imam Webb on snapchat, add him with the username ImamSuhaibWebb. He can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Periscope.

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