Imam Siraj Wahhaj

Imam Siraj Wahhaj is an extremely prolific speaker in America. He makes many appearances at major North American Muslim conventions and numerous forums, aswsell as lectures in New England. His audio and video lectures are also popular in America’s Muslim community. He is known to encourage Muslims to be God-fearing, enjoining good and forbid evil, practice regular charity, stay away from drugs, abstain from pre-marital relations, and other issues as well. He has also appeared on several national television talk shows and has had interviews with several media outlets.

In 1991 Imam Siraj offered an invocation (opening prayer) to the United States House of Representatives. He was the first Muslim to do so. In 1988 he led his community in an anti-drug patrol in which they staked out drug houses in Bedford-Stuyvesant in the cold of winter for 40 days and nights, forcing the closure of 15 drug houses. This effort received high praise from the New York City Police Department and the media.

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  • Arshad Ali Khan says:

    Salaams & Greetings to Dear Imams:

    We Muslims(approx 23% in Our USA: as 99% Blacks when Enslaved were Muslims. Pls read Alex Hailey’s ROOTS/etc) MUST urgently initiate Discussions/Mtngs with ALL Our American Presidential Candidates. We must Demand from every Candidate to Proclaim Today, that if Elected, she/he Shall Forcefully Fight for us{American Working-Class: Blacks, Muslims, Whites: We/Working-Class are more than 90% of Our USA} to Re-CLAIM Our Working-Class Fundamental-Rights(Economic, Religious, Political, Democratic, HUMAN) , that Our Two Presidents(Mr G W Bush & Mr Barack Hussain OBAMA) Have REMOVED & DELETED for American Working-Class(90% USA) From Our US-Constitution…
    ..I have been discussing this Proposal, with Working-Class Folks allover Our-USA… Therefore, after 25th December, I will commence meeting with Americans in Texas. Pls advise all your phone #’s , so we can Discuss immediately. Best Regards, Arshad Ali Khan, MS-Engg/SUNY-Buffalo’71; PE-Kansas’80; UMMAA Broadcasting, Rolla, Mo-65401{Pls google UMMAA Broadcasting, or Engr Arshad Ali Khan, Rolla, Missouri}{Ph: 573-271-9770

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