Imam returns to 'the jungle' and helps restore self-respect & dignity

Recently, we uploaded an article highlighting the work Imam Adam Kelwick is doing in aiding the refugees in Calais.

(Read here:

Imam Adam has since returned to Calais to help the refugees further, this time with more food, clothing and shelter.

A chaplain from Liverpool determined to help people who need it most. This is true Islamic leadership.

The Imam is welcoming people every day to Calais to support him in his work; “Just about to leave Liverpool and head back down to Calais. I’ll be based there for a while and will be receiving people daily (except Fridays) at 1pm” he said on his Facebook page.

kelwick calais return 1

One key aspect Imam Adam is trying to address is the way support is structured in Calais.

Arriving with resources the refugees are lacking in, it could get quite hectic and cause disorder.

On his Facebook page Imam Adam along with a video posted a message highlighting what systems they are trying to put in place to distribute the resources effectively.

This was a successful trial of our efficient distribution method.

What we did:

– Identified one individual who was known and respected by around 150 Syrians in 3 different camping areas.

This individual was trusted to distribute fairly and to the most needy amongst those people.

We gave all of the food and supplies for the refugees to him and his small selected team of volunteers.

– They then distributed amongst themselves.


We avoided chaotic grabbing scenes where people come and snatch what they can.

The aid is distributed most effectively this way, they know who is the most needy more than anyone else.

The workload became much less because the refugees themselves were volunteering to distribute the aid.

Nobody had to queue and feel like a beggar.

Noone was looking down on them, they were being supported by their own people.

Self-respect and dignity were restored by giving them responsibility.

We’ve since done a brief mapping of the whole of the jungle camp and consulted with some of the main respected members of the camp and they are all in agreement and support of our suggested method. Time to bring some order and dignity back to the jungle!!!”

kelwick calais return 3

Imam Adam and the team of volunteers in Calais have designed a map which highlights the plan of the site and the basic utilities available.

calais maps

Religious institutions also play a key role in places like Calais, Imam Adam has used these places of worship as central hubs for people to come and collect necessary resources.

On his Facebook page he said, “Path of Mercy project distribution systems in the jungle are becoming better and better day by day. We’ve used several mosques and a church in the jungle today to get your donated food, clothes and equipment to those who need it the most”.

Adam Kelwick Church

It is important to have a strategy when trying to aid so many people, the Imam and all those involved on the ground should be commending for finding a system that is supported by the people and works.

See here for Imam Adam’s ‘Path to Mercy’ project:


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