Imam Responds to Terror Attack in Germany

Today we woke up to the horrible news that a terrorist attack was committed in Germany involving a far right extremist killing nine innocent people in two shisha bars.
German authorities stated there were clear indications that point this terror attack an anti-foreigner motive.
Far Right attacks, similar to that in Hanau, are becoming increasingly common in Europe. It is critical that those who regularly repeat racist, Islamophobic and anti immigrant tropes realise the consequences of their  actions. We must call out those who provide ideological ammunition to white ultra nationalist, just as we must call out those who radicalise ISIS inspired terrorism.
Far Right / ISIS inspired terrorism are threatening our shared values of tolerance and inclusion, they are rhetorical allies who want to trap communities in a spiral of mutually reinforcing hatred.
During the Friday sermon tomorrow, Myself along with other Imams will be urging Muslims to remain resilient but vigilant and step up security around Mosques and centres


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