Imam responds to protests at Grammar School following images of the Prophet Muhammad being shown

“Protests outside of Batley Grammar school have caused alarm in communities. As an Imam, I sympathise with the parents and pupils because sadly, this is not the first time we have seen offensive images of Prophet Muhammad being used.  

Muslims love the Prophet more than themselves and so we must be mindful and sensitive to the deep pain and hurt it causes to the Muslim community worldwide.  

Like all communities, regardless of faith, Muslims respect freedom of speech but to safeguard pupils, educational practitioners have a responsibility to exercise better judgement for sensitive classroom content.  
While the details are still being confirmed the school has acted to safeguard children and this situation reminds us of the importance of embodying the spirit of mutual respect and tolerance.  

People have a right to express their concerns and hurt but protests can’t always achieve what can be achieved through constructive dialogue. Fair investigation by the school, in consultation with the parents, should be allowed to take place. We do not want to fan the flames of Islamophobia and provoke hatred or division. 

I am urging everyone to continue to work together to ensure that no community is inappropriately targeted or portrayed. I am relieved that resources to speak about religion in the future will be better moderated in collaboration with teachers, parents and relevant education authorities.”

Imam Qari Asim, Senior Editor of

Featured Image via Huddersfield Examiner

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