Imam Qari Asim on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee & Thank You Day

The following statement comes from Qari Muhammad Asim MBE, Chair of Mosques & Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB), and Senior Editor at ImamsOnline:

“This weekend marks a historically significant moment in the reign of Her Majesty The Queen as she becomes the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee. 

Throughout her 70 year long reign, the Queen has shown deep commitment, affection and admiration for her country, the Commonwealth and the people across the world, as well as the ability to adapt and evolve with the changing world around her. 

During times of enormous social change, grace, integrity and a profound sense of duty have been the hallmarks of the Queen.

In an increasingly uncertain times, the reassuring presence of the Queen has been a source of continuity, strength and stability for our country and beyond.

I have had the honour of meeting the Queen a few times. The Queen’s soothing voice, wisdom and exceptional commitment to public service inspires much admiration for her. Whist Christianity has been the guiding light in her life, HM The Queen has demonstrated deep respect for other people’s beliefs, and greatly values religious freedom. 

The Queen has always encouraged religious harmony and friendship across the many different faiths and communities. The Queen has said that “diversity is a strength and not a threat” while emphasising the need for empathy with why different people feel anxious about it in order to bridge divides.

The question 70 years ago was still whether Britain wanted to be a multi-ethnic society; today that is a settled fact, and the challenge of our times is to strengthen the quality of our relationships and connections with each other so that we can have the broadest possible confidence in the society we have now become. 

The Platinum Jubilee offers a fantastic opportunity for us all to join together across communities to pay tribute to Her Majesty The Queen and to celebrate the diversity that has enriched our nation over the last 70 years. 

The Jubilee celebrations will help us move forward with a renewed sense of togetherness as well as maintain a sense of tradition that matters to new and old Britons alike.

During the four days of celebrations, as Chair of MINAB and a Board Member of the Thank You Day initiative, I am participating in many celebratory events, across the country, organised by Mosques and other faith organisations. 

Making new connections to bridge divides is a central aim of Thank You Day. Many in the Muslim communities are hosting events to say Thank You to The Queen for extraordinary life of public service; but also to say Thank You to families, friends, neighbours and the whole society for continuing to spread kindness.

At my Makkah mosque in Leeds, we will host a big lunch and provide, whereas our neighbouring All Hallows’ church will bring cakes for the people. A Bradford mosque will bring children and families from Syria and Eastern Europe together in its local welcoming efforts. These events can contribute to ‘bridging’ connections between communities. 

The incredible examples of unselfish service by the Queen and people of all walks of life deserve a huge Thank You from us!”

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