Imam Qari Asim on BBC Asian Network discussing the dangers of online radicalisation

Below is a transcript of Imam Qari Asim’s interview with the BBC Asian Network discussing Imams Online’s launch of Haqiqah and the power of social media. The link to the live interview is at the bottom of the transcript.


Interviewer: How is it that young people are being radicalised online?

Imam Qari Asim: The power of social media is growing, extremist groups such as ISIS are becoming very powerful online. Imams Online is providing a counter voice to extremist messages by promoting good & correct Islamic messages. By providing the correct Islamic message, the true barbaric face of ISIS is being exposed.

Interviewer: What advice does your magazine give to combat radicalisation?

Imam Qari Asim: The Haqiqah magazine provides deep rooted theological arguments to expose ISIS, what they are doing is taking Quranic verses & quotes from the Prophet out of context. When you use things out of context you can use it for your own propaganda. Haqiqah is fighting back back against what extremists are doing which is using religion for their own gains.

Interviewer: Social media is important, what other methods are being used to influence young minds?

Imam Qari Asim: Extremists are not tolerated in the community, you don’t find hate preachers in the Mosque or mainstream institutions. Hate preachers are attracting people by using underground methods and online where they can hide behind the enmity of the internet. Hate preachers are isolating young individuals from their community and society by brainwashing them, its about grooming young minds to use them for their own political aims and gains.


Click here to listen to the interview (Time: 5:00 – 7:33)


Source: BBC Asian Network

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