Imam Khalid Latif

In 2005, Imam Latif was appointed the first Muslim chaplain at NYU. At NYU, Khalid initiated his vision for a pluralistic American Muslim community, rooted on campus and reaching out to the city. In 2006, Imam Latif was appointed the first Muslim chaplain at Princeton University.
Imam Latif’s dedication and ability to cross faith and cultural boundaries on a daily basis brought him recognition throughout the city, so much so that in 2007, Mayor Michael Bloomberg nominated Imam Latif to become the youngest chaplain in history of the New York City Police Department when he was 24 years old.
Imam Latif has not only managed to build a strong Muslim institution at NYU, but he has offered his experience to the U.S. State Department, various institutions, corporations, mosques, and other communities in the United States, Canada, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, and Egypt. He is a highly sought-after speaker, offering to diverse audiences his unique blend of motivational speaking, leadership insights, spiritual development, and religious awareness.

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  • Ajdin says:

    Dear brother, I am Ajdin.
    I am a Muslim from Bosnia.
    I’m in a difficult situation and I would like to talk to her brother Imam Khalid.
    Can you please give a contact email from a brother of Imam Khalid?
    Thank you in advance

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