Imam Habib leads Srebrenica memorial service

Dunfermline Central Mosque held a memorial service to remember the 8,000 Bosnian Muslims, mainly men and boys who were killed and buried in mass graves.

Imam Habib spoke about the importance of Islamic teachings in tackling hate crimes.

“It is befitting to remind ourselves of the Islamic teachings of harbouring hatred against individuals or communities.


Firstly in Islam there is no hatred of others on races, colours, nationalities, or following different religions. Apart from the last, we cannot change these things; the colour of our skin, where we were born or who our parents are. As Muslims, we believe all these were commands of Allah.


In the Quran there is a verse where Allah says,


“O mankind we created you into male and female and made you into nation and tribes so you may know each other.”


Indeed Allah has sent prophets to all nations, how can I therefore hate the creation of my creator.  It is a major sin against the essence of Allah to hate someone for no reason, or for the way they were born. If one loves Allah, they must also love his creation, regardless of race or creed.

Secondly, we mention that the religion one follows is a major decision, it is one we have choice over, but this choice is granted to mankind by Allah. We are not to violate that right of individuals.

Quran sums this up in the famous verse:

            “Let there be no compulsion in religion.”


Thirdly, in Islam and racism and prejudice is a major sin. People of Bosnia are famous for their hospitality and generosity regardless of race and nationality.

Racism and prejudice was one of the first things mentioned in the Quran with The sin of Iblis, the devil.

He said, I am better than he is because I am made out of fire whereas him, he is made out of clay. Prejudice comes from this evil arrogance and distain of looking down at others. That is how people are demonised, the Muslims in Bosnia and the Jews in Nazi Germany. It is the first step to genocide. Hence we must remain steadfast against iblis’ sin or prejudice.

It is important to remain vigilant and stand firm against those who will divide our society. it is always extremists who try and divide us. Very important to do this because it is always extremists who try and divide us into us and them.

One must stand up stand up to defend the rights of others if we see them being violated, we must always always seek to unite rather than divide. The only way to reconcile is to forgive and release the harbouring of hatred towards one another.

Revenge will not achieve anything, but forgiveness will.


We pray to almighty God

May grievances become hope

May revenge become justice

May mothers’ tears become prayers

That Srebrenica happens never again anywhere.




Watch the event here

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