Imam Adam Kelwick reports from the ground in Yemen

Imam Adam Kelwick has travelled with Human Relief Foundation to Yemen to deliver aid and report on the situation. This is his third trip to the region in the last year, and has been able to inform us observations from on the ground.

“Today we provided emergency food supplies to people who have lost relatives and had their houses destroyed in the conflict in #Yemen. We are on our way to reaching our 100 tonne food target over the next week. Thank you to all those who have donated, you have put food on the tables of people who have had to resort to cooking plants to survive.”

Unfortunately, the recently agreed on Hodeida peace truce, was broken today. Meaning killing famine and disease in Yemen will continue in the near future. Reports have pointed to the vague wording of the UN peace deal which was interpreted differently by each party.

Imam Adam says:

“ May Allah guide all those involved in the conflict to stop what they are doing to destroy this beautiful country and destroying the lives of millions, especially the poor and vulnerable. And whoever saves a life, it is as if they saved the lives of all humanity.”

Remnants of building after a bomb attack

On the ground, Imam Adam reports that:

– There IS food here, but it’s either too expensive or too difficult to get into certain areas.

– It seems like everybody involved is getting fed up with the conflict. The original vigour that many first had when the fighting started is wearing thin now they’ve seen how many lives and/or how much money has been lost.

– Travelling around the country seems a little easier. The checkpoints aren’t as bad as they were 6 and 12 months ago during my last two visits. I can’t yet comment on the Houthi held areas.

– There is still a massive crisis. Millions of people still face starvation and they don’t have access to medication.

– People seem to have hope that some sort of resolution will come soon, although when they are asked how, they don’t go into details.

– 1.4 million children are suffering from malnutrition. The sights are awful.

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