Imam Adam Kelwick addresses Spiritual Meet with call for Peace and Harmony

Vicennium, 20th anniversary of Malappuram based Ma’din Academy concluded with a call for spreading messages of peace and communal harmony at Swalath Nagar here.

Inaugurating the meet, Adam Kelwick, founding director of UK based Embrace Foundation hailed the rich Islamic heritage of Kerala and history of communal harmony.

‘Kerala is an example benchmark practice for the world. Moderation is the essence of Islamic life. Especially in a multicultural society Muslims have to show the true path of religion’ he said.

“A sign of being firm in faith and moderate in approach is that you don’t feel threatened by other religions. When we have weak faith and deviate from Islamic traditions, this is when we feel anxious and turn violence, conflict and killing”, he said.

He also explained the interfaith and multicultural challenges in UK.

“UK has many challenges in regards to multiculturalism. There is also much exemplary interfaith work also. The Church of England is very interested in interfaith activities, he said.

“Islam spread with full consideration of local customs and culture. The projects of Ma’din Academy is commendable’. He expressed the Embrace foundations readiness to collaborate.

Ma’din Academy chairman Sayyid Ibrahim Khaleel Al Bukhari were among those spoke on the occasion.

“It was a phenomenal experience in Kerala attending the Ma’din Academy Vicennium and delivering the inaugural address on peace and dialogue between religions upon the invitation of Shaykh Sayyid Ibrahimul Khaleelul Bukhari and in the company of many noble scholars, leaders and tens of thousands of people”.  Imam Adam Kelwick.

Source: Business Standard 


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