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Imam Qasim Ahmed in Pakistan

Imam Qasim Rashid Ahmad is the Founder and Director of Al-Khair, presented over 800 programmes on various TV Channels since 2003, running Primary & Secondary Schools in UK for boys as well as Girls in addition to 19 schools in third world countries, managing International Relief work in Indian Sub Continent, Africa and Gaza, managing water well and orphan projects and recently started a Television Channel called IQRA.

Imam Qasim was in Pakistan once again, to share the blessings of Ramadan and Eid ul Fitr with the flood victims. He distributed Eid Gifts to the victims and attended a 7 day fun fair arranged for the locals by Al-Khair Foundation. On this typically busy visit the Imam made further distributions of homes and wheelchairs , laying foundations for a number of Masajid and distributing food packs amongst the flood victims of 2010 and the victims which have been effected by fresh flooding in Pakistan.

Al-Khair Eid Funfair and Eid Gift distributions

Imam Qasim visited an Eid fun fair organised by Al-Khair for the flood victims in Shah Wali Mehmood Kot during Eid ul Fitir . Hundreds of children and their families from the village of Shah Wali and the surrounding areas came to the fair on Eid and the following day. Imam Qasim also distributed Eid gifts and joined in the festivities with the children and their parents.

On the occasion Imam Qasim said, Although he was unable to celebrate Eid with his own children in England, he is happy that he has the opportunity to celebrate Eid with these children, going further he said that this Eid is very special to him, as today he sees smiles on those faces where he saw fear and tears a year ago because of the floods.

During his visit Imam Qasim also distributed Eid Gift packs, Children’s Toy Packs and Educational Packs to the children. Many of the locals thanked the Imam and Al-Khair Foundation for making the celebrations possible and for all the work Al-Khair Foundation has done and is continuing to do to help them.

Wheelchair Distributions

Building further on Al-Khair’s commitment to the disabled Imam Qasim distributed more wheelchairs on his recent visit to Pakistan. Despite severe rain in the area which threatened to hamper distribution.

The distribution of 1000 wheelchairs went ahead in the flood effected of Muzzaffar Garh and Layyah where 700 and 300 wheelchairs were distributed respectively. In these events Eid Gift Packs and Food Packs were also distributed and conveyance expenses paid for the victims to attend.

Visit to Areas effected by Fresh Flooding.

Imam Qasim also visited the areas of Pakistan which had been effected by fresh flooding during the monsoon last month. He toured the flood effected areas in all four provinces of Pakistan seeing first hand the devastation the flooding has caused.

Imam Qasim saw Al-Khair’s emergency aid teams in action, joining in the distribution of food packs, speaking to many of the victims . Imam Qasim said that we are reviewing the requirements in each area and Al-Khair will provide whatever the need may be whether it be Housing, Masajid, Medical assistance or help of any other nature. He urged donors to continue the support that Al-Khair has been fortunate to enjoy not only from the community in the U.K. and Europe but from within Pakistan itself. To ensure that Al-Khair can provide the best possible aid as soon as possible to the many thousands of victims of this repeated disaster.

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