Haqiqah Magazine Launch

Below are examples of the online coverage of the Imams Online Digital Summit & the launch of Haqiqah magazine.

Imams and Scholars Gather at Launch of Online Magazine ‘Haqiqah’ (26/03/2015)

European Imams Counter Online Extremism (26/03/2015)

European Imams Counter Online Extremism (26/03/2015)

European Imams Join Forces Against Extremism (26/03/2015)

Imams Online magazine fights back against Jihadi propaganda (27/03/2015)

British Imams have launched a new magazine to ‘reclaim the internet’ from ISIS (27/03/2015)

Islamic magazine Haqiqah seeks to ‘drown out violent voices’ of ISIS and Al-Qaeda on the web (27/03/2015)

Imams ‘try to reclaim internet’ with Haqiqah (27/03/2015)

British Imams launch magazine to ‘reclaim the internet’ from extremists (27/03/2015)

Leading Imams Launch Haqiqah Magazine (27/03/2015)

European Imams Unite Against Extremism (27/03/2015)

Imams To ‘Reclaim Internet’ From Extremists (27/03/2015)

Imams Online Magazine Tackles Jihadi Propaganda (28/03/2015)

Shaikh Abdallah bin Bayyah Tell British Muslims Not to Go To Fight in Syria (30/03/2015)

อิหม่ามอังกฤษ ตั้งเว็ปไซต์ “Haqiqah” ต่อต้าน ISIS ด้วยวิธีเดียวกัน!! (30/03/2015)

Local Imams join over 100 trying to ‘drown out’ violent voices online (31/03/2015)

‘The Reality’ of ISIS (01/04/2015)

ISIS Ideology is not true to Islam, and these Imams are fighting back (03/04/2015)

Islamisk Stat udsender op mod  100.000 propaganda-tweets diagligt (03/04/2015)

La riposte des imams britanniques face à l’Etat islamique (03/04/2015)

British Imams Take a Stand Against ISIS (04/04/2015)

La réponse des imams britanniques à l’EL (04/04/2015)

Imam Qari Asim interviewed by BBC Yorkshire regarding the launch of Haqiqah Magazine (07/04/2015)

The Actions of ISIS are an Indignity to Muslims Around The World (07/04/2015)

Des imams britanniques lancent un magazine en ligne pour contrer Daech (08/04/2015)

Digital Reality of Terror Fightback (10/04/2015)

It’s Time to Take on The Extremists and Make Social Media ‘Social’ Again (20/04/2015)

Imams Online: Reclaiming the Digital Space (29/04/2015)

Imams Try to Reclaim Internet From ISIS (01/05/2015)


  • I can’t find Haquiqa magazine on your website or the first 8 pages of a Google search. Is the first issue not yet available?

    • admin says:

      Charles, thank you for your comment. Apologies that you were unable to access the magazine. If you search “Haqiqah” in google it is the first link that appears. Alternativley, we have also put the link on the main tabs on the front page entitled “Haqiqah Magazine”. Let us know if you are stll having trouble.

  • Raymond Conder says:

    I know you have excellent contacts around the world. Can you please provide me with an email address whereby I can establish contact with Islamic State, ISIS, ISIL or whatever they call themselves. Thank you.

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