‘Give a Gift’

Qari Muhammad Asim (Senior Editor)

Senior Imam – Makkah Mosque, Leeds

Twitter: @QariAsim


I have been involved in ‘Give a Gift’ campaign, which is championed by Muslims of Leeds.  Give A Gift initiative is designed to help promote a more positive image of the Muslim Community, through getting involved with wider causes within the city.

To date, over £60,000 have been raised and over £1,300 toys have been donated to two charities – Martin House Children’s Hospice and Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. Last night, at the annual fund-raising dinner £20,000 were raised. I have been overwhelmed by the generosity and the ‘community spirit’ of Muslims in Leeds. The toys that are bought with the funds donated by the community bring a huge level of happiness to both the ill children and their families.

Give A Gift is focused on bringing smiles to people’s faces – whether that smile is achieved by donating cash, baking cakes, or sitting by the side of a child in a hospice. It is about doing good, reaching out, giving of your time and yourself and helping others. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has taught, “Even a smile is charity [sadaqa]”

Much of the raised funds by British Muslim community are spent on relief aid in developing countries and many social actions of Muslims tend to focus on improving the lives of those suffering abroad. Although, an increasingly growing proportion is also being raised for a wide variety of causes and concerns at home, which is extremely encouraging and something that many British Imams have been campaigning for a few years, but it is not enough. More and more British Muslims should be involved in social actions in this country.

In the current climate, when violence is associated to Islam and Muslims are labelled as terrorists, or they are being considered as the “fifth colum”, it is even more important that Muslims get involved in local charities and make a difference. Muslims need to be like rain that comes down and enriches the earth.

The founders, the partners and the team of Give A Gift scheme all deserve our sincere appreciation for all the hard work they do on behalf of the Muslim community. May Allah Almighty enable us all to continue doing things which are beneficial to all mankind. “Those who help others are truly much blessed,” as the hadith says, “Best people are those who are useful to others.”

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