General Election 2017 – The role played by Imams & Muslim Organisations

After six weeks of campaigning, at noon on June 9th 2017, the UK had a hung Parliament. Neither the Conservative nor the Labour party managed to get a majority, the conservatives had 318 seats whilst the Labour party had 261, improving from the 2015 General Election with an increase of +29.


During the campaign period, we witnessed two barbaric attacks in Manchester & London with innocent people killed and injured. During this period, Imams & Muslim organisations came out across the UK to condemn the attacks and show solidarity and unity with their fellow countrymen.

The same was done for the General elections as Imams and Muslim organisations across the UK were engaged with people in their communities as well as on social media to encourage people, especially young Muslim to vote and to have their voice heard.

The below video from Mufti Abu Layth encouraged Muslims to vote:

The Umbrella Organisation ‘Muslim Council of Britain’ shared a number of tweets encouraging Muslims to vote in the election, below is one from their tweets looking at how parties deal with issues affecting Muslims

Imam Qari Asim, senior editor at Imams Online was very active online and offline in his call for Muslims to register and vote in the election. He appeared in an online video done by Hope Not Hate in which he speaks to Muslims in the Mosque about this elections importance:

Imam Abdullah Hassan who heads the Imams Against Domestic Abuse Campaign was also very vocal in encouraging Muslims to get out and vote this General Election:

Some of the work done by Imams and Muslim organisations in encouraging young Muslims to vote during this election added to the rise of young people across the country from different communities coming out to vote. It is important for leaders in our communities to encourage their congregations to take part in the electoral process, as we have seen this year.

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