“I Forgive You” Says Muslim Surgeon and Imam Stabbed in Neck

Dr Nasser Kurdy, a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and Imam of the Altrincham Islamic Centre, has publically forgiven his attackers after he was the victim of a knife crime whilst he made his way to the Mosque for evening prayers.

Dr Kurdy, who was a volunteer surgeon treating patients in the aftermath of the horrific Manchester Arena bombing in May, suffered a 3cm deep wound as he was stabbed from behind on his way to the Mosque.

On the attack, Dr Kurdy said,

God was merciful to me yesterday. It could be a nerve, an artery, a vein, the gullet. The neck is the contact between the body and your head, but fortunately it was just the muscle”.

Although the attack has the hallmarks of a deliberately targeted, Islamophobic hate crime, Dr Kurdy said quite openly that he felt no anger towards the perpetrator. He said,

He is not representative of what this country stands for. I have absolutely no anger or hate or anything negative towards him. I have declared it, I have totally forgiven him. He could be a marginalised person within his own community.”

Whilst Dr Kurdy’s reaction to the crime is heartwarming and incredible to see, the attack on him once again highlights the increase in Anti-Muslim sentiment across towns and cities in the UK. The Islamic Centre Dr Kurdy is part of has already been victim to graffiti and shattered windows and the management have made a conscious effort to increase the security of the centre.

The crime is being treated as a hate crime by the investigating officers and has been roundly condemned by the Muslim community. The MCB spoke about the need for the Prime Minister to implement the Government’s Hate Crime Action Plan.

Members of the Cross Government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred also condemned the attack in a public statement in which they expressed their concern at the upsurge in targeted hate crimes towards members of the Muslim community and reiterated the need for a join community effort to delegitimise individuals and groups that justify such crimes.

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