Faith leaders will converge in Abu Dhabi to discuss peace building

Three hundred and fifty faith leaders will converge in Abu Dhabi for the 2nd annual Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies Conference convened by Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah from April 26-30.

This years forum is broken into two parts, on April 26 and 27 a hackathon where a global group of entrepreneurs, technologists and artists will join with Muslim religious scholars to develop and prototype ideas for peace building amongst Muslim populations.

While ISIL has dominated the news cycle over the last year and a half, everyday Muslim scholars and faith leaders from all throughout this earth work to build peace in their communities.

These are the stories that are not told of the men and women on the front lines combating violence & extremism while also teaching a balanced understanding of Islam to the 1.8 billion Muslims on this planet.

The second part of the Forum from April 28 to 30, in its second year, is made up of plenary sessions and workshops of scholars organised to build peace and to form a unified front against the scourge of extremist ideologies, sectarianism, and terrorism that has afflicted the Muslim world for decades.

The three-day long forum will also be a space for discussing solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing humanity at large.

Shaykh Bin Bayyah believes that this global forum is, “an important event for the entire world. Its mission aims to lay the foundations of peace everywhere, and establish understanding among all peoples.

It is an important initiative that aims to refute extremist ideologies by making provision for real understanding of Islam as a religion of wisdom, compassion, tolerance and patience, as outlined in the Holy Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).”

In March 2014, Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah founded this groundbreaking initiative as Chair and President of the Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies. The forum addresses the critical humanitarian crisis within the vast framework of the Islamic tradition and legal theory. In 2014 Over 250 of the world s leading Islamic scholars from different persuasions, academics and thought leaders gathered to attend the opening of the Forum.

The Forum is the first global gathering of scholars ever organised to form a unified front against the scourge of extremist ideologies, sectarianism, and terrorism that has afflicted the Muslim world for decades. Since the opening of the Forum, delegations of experts, academics and scholars from the Forum have travelled to Africa to countries such as Senegal, Mauritania, and Morocco to engage with Governments, NGO s and religious actors to gain insight on how to stop the increasing violence in Africa. These trips have resulted in the planning of two proposed reconciliation initiatives that will be held in April and June of 2015.

These events encourage a multi-disciplinary participation, in order to develop mechanisms and support required for peace and reconciliation in Central Africa Republic (C.A.R) and Nigeria.


Source: Gulf Today

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