Faith Leaders Pulling Together Against COVID-19 – Web Series

Faith Leaders Against COVID-19 / Imams Online in partnership with Alliance of Virtue & Forum for Promoting Peace

At this time of global anxiety and uncertainty, our prayers, with those of the world, have been for the lifting of this pandemic, and for aid to our leaders and healthcare workers. We are all aware of what people of goodwill from all faiths have been doing to alleviate the suffering of those in need.

We would like to encourage these efforts, through this series of short videos from faith leaders during this month of Ramadan [and continuing beyond] operating locally, nationally and international. This is an exclusive partnership between Imams Online and Alliance of Virtue & Forum for Promoting Peace.

This series will involve Faith leaders from across the globe from all backgrounds and religions discussing the following in regards to faith & COVID-19:

– How should people respond to the anxiety that they feel?
– What does your faith say about our response to crises of this sort?
– What obligations are there on followers of your faith in this kind of crisis?
– What have you seen that communities are doing that exemplifies these obligations?
– What more can we do to come together as communities in this crisis?

These series of videos will be shared & amplified on the digital platforms of Imams Online & Forum for Promoting Peace.

Pastor Bob Roberts Jr of NorthWoodChurch in Texas, USA

Dr Craig Considine, Scholar and Professor at Rice University, USA.

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