Even The NYPD’s Muslim Chaplain Gets Stopped at Customs

Despite being the NYPD’s Muslim Chaplain, Imam Khalid Latif still gets stopped at customs.

In a personal account of his life as Muslim Chaplain for the New York Police and New York University, Imam Khalid Latif looks at how he balances his faith as a Muslim with the work he does and also recounts his experiences of being questioned by the FBI, detained by TSA and considered suspect before innocent simply because of the faith he practices.

In his time as a prominent Imam and Chaplin in New York, Imam Khalid Latif has had the opportunity to interact at all levels of society, be they students, police officers, senior religious leaders like the Pope and Dalai Lama and even the President himself.

However, despite all the opportunities and interactions he has had, Imam Khalid reflects on how people perceive and treat him just because of his religion.

The below video is courtesy of ‘The Secret Life of Muslims‘, Vox, Ford Foundation and The New York Community Trust.

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