Dreamers, influencers, and the obsession with impact

*Below is a thought piece by Shaykh Omar Suleiman from Bayyinah Institute*

I met a lot of young people aspiring to do great things this weekend at ISNA and one common concern that kept coming up was; “but I only have a few hundred likes on Facebook” or “I only get 5 people to come to my halaqa”, etc.

1. Lets be clear: If something is done for the sake of Allah it is a success even if it went unappreciated in the community. And if something was done for other than Allah, it is a failure even if it went viral. We often become too obsessed with seeing results in this world and that can be a dangerous sign of insincerity.

2. Everyone who made it “big” started “small.” I use those terms in quotation marks because what is truly to be considered “big” or “small” is based on how Allah sees it. But everyone who is influential went through numerous failed initiatives and being unappreciated for years. Don’t let those deflate you as it may be that Allah is testing your sincerity and grit. And some of the Prophets of Allah who were perfect human beings never were appreciated in their lifetimes!

3. It’s not about how many you are influencing but instead who you are influencing. All of us have teachers and mentors that are not famous and did not seek that. But everything we do is on their scale of good deeds and they don’t have to worry about the corruption of fame doing away with their good. You never know who you are touching with that work. It could be that that person moves on to do great things that benefit you in the hereafter where benefit really counts.

May Allah accept from us all and guide us to do good! Keep your heads up and your hearts clean, and great things will happen insha’Allah!

Link to Omar Suleiman’s Inspiration Series, Season 2: https://youtu.be/RYvMcK4OwYw?list=PLutdSTmJ7bAJ8h4r5CVkUxAf-_rG0u7Ui

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