Dr Musharraf Hussain

Dr Hussain Born in 1958, Dr Musharraf Hussain came to Britain from Pakistan in 1966 with his parents to the town of Halifax, where he memorised the glorious Quran, learnt  Tajweed and basic Quranic Arabic.

In 2009, he was awarded an OBE for his services to community relations in Britain. He is the chair of the Christian Muslim Forum, a senior trustee of Muslim Hands, trustee of National Centre for Citizenship and Law. Formerly, he was the director of Postgraduate Course in Education, and Vice-chair of Association of Muslim Schools.

To read more about Dr Hussain visit: http://www.musharrafhussain.com/biography/

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  • Aboubakr says:

    Dear Imam,

    I have a question: I have been married for 5 years on paper. The reason is that we married for the law and have done the fatih with witniss. but when her father became ill and have party postponed. Now, it is further the 5 year Now I ask her sometimes we really gan married and share the same bed, I’m not prohibit your father to care. She then answers until you are financially good shape and can support me then I come. But to be honest this is just an excuse. I have a home, work and did not a lot off money but can be maintained. Also sometime se tels me you don’t maintiane me now. But se lives still at her fathers home and we didn’t sare the bed. Is this allowed dear Imam

  • Ahmed says:

    Hi imam
    I have a question about mixt marriages
    I live in Montreal im muslim and i met a woman who s christian at birth but dont practice i actually love her and thinking about serious futur projects but i am really scared that later on if we have kids , kids dont get attached too much to islam , i am willing to teach them and make things , happen
    But what is your advice in this case if i dont want risk having the responsibility of futur kids sins . ( that the worst case scenario)

  • Ahmed Harris says:

    Asalamalikum. My name is Ahmed Harris. There are few things I want to know.
    What dua should the husband recite when his wife is pregnant for easy pregnancy and safe delivery? also dua for twins..

  • Imam Ahmad says:

    Recite Surah Yaseen regularly. Everything will be fine insha allah

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