Doubts: Enemy of Friendhip


Dr Musharraf Hussain, OBE

Chief Executive of Karima Inistitute


How many times have you doubted someone when you were suspicious of his or her intention or genuineness, sadly I can recall several embarrassing incidents. As a consequence friendship turns into enmity and trust into cynicism.

I thought he was plotting against me, he had said something bad about me. However, when I talked to him there was nothing of the kind, he was friendly and positive about me all the time.

In George Oswells famous novel “Animal Farm” the major who is a pig leads the animals against man. Majors main tool is to sow seeds of suspicion in the minds of the animals so much that they begin to regard all the two legged as their enemies. The obsessive-compulsive disorder is an extreme form of suspicion and doubts.

For example the sufferer may have a compulsion to wash her hands excessively as many as a dozen times every time doubting her cleanliness. On the other hand suspicion may become persistent thoughts and idea, which create fear in our minds and mistrust of others.

The prophet of Islam predicted that a time would come when people sitting next to one another will not trust each other. He advised “avoid anything that puts doubts in your mind and to trust”.

O benevolent Lord “ We put our trust in you and seek your protection in every situation; evil motives, thoughts, doubts, and superstition that veil the hearts form seeing the truth.”

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