Supporting Imams Online provide Domestic Abuse and Mental Health support to those in need.

Talk to an Imam is an Accessible, Authentic & Confidential advice service to those in need. (

Talk to an Imam & Alimah is an online platform that provides accessible, authentic and confidential advise to those suffering with mental health, domestic abuse and relationship struggles.

The platform is open and accessible to all at a click of a button, building on the years of work at Imams Online. People will gain access to Imams and Alimahs (specialists) that will offer circumstantial advice and guidance to those in need.

The impact the Coronavirus pandemic has had on ethnic minorities, especially the Muslim community, has been immense. The mental health of thousands has worsened, domestic violence has increased and relationship issues and disputes have arisen.

With your support, we aim to provide an open platform for communities left behind by the pandemic to talk to Imams and Alimahs who are specialists in these areas about their concerns and issues. Having access to a range of specialists from different backgrounds will tackle loneliness, fear, anxiety and offer a solution to the troubles for communities in need.

With your support we can ensure we have an extensive range of specialists available 24/7 ready to support people in need.