Donate life, it is the greatest of gifts

Islam is a religion of mercy, it acknowledges the needs of people, and gives concessions and dispensations wherever needed.

A quote from the Quran you may be familiar with is,

            “And if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of all mankind.” (Al Quran: Surah Al-Ma’dah: 32)

Minority Shortage

Looking for organ donations is not easy, but it is even harder if you are from an ethnic minority. You may have to wait up to an extra year for a donation, simply because there aren’t enough minority group donors.

This is a truly pressing issue, and is preventing people from undergoing lifesaving surgery.

There are just under three million Muslims in Britain, most of them from a South Asian background.

Most of the Muslims in the UK are from a South Asian background have tended to settle in major towns and cities including Birmingham, where the wait is even longer than the rest of the UK.

According to consultant nephrologist Dr Adnan Sharif, the wait here can take four or even five years.

Dr Sharif oversees patients receiving regular dialysis on the renal ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham.

“Without a doubt our Muslim patients will spend a lot longer time on dialysis,”

“Some of our Muslim patients will die while they’re actively on the waiting list because they’ve not received a kidney transplant. that number, in my opinion, appears to be growing.”

There are varying views on organ donation, but as respected Qari Asim says, there are scholars worldwide that allow the donating of organs, and encourage it.


The importance of organ donation must be emphasised and openly discussed. It is certainly a personal issue, but be mindful that, like Sheikh Zaki Badawi says, If you happened to be ill and in need of a transplant, you certainly would wish that someone would help you by providing the needed organ.

Organ donation week in the UK is 3-9th September, and ImamsOnline will be covering the topic more as the time approaches.

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