Daesh Target Imams Living in the West

In the latest issue of the extremist propaganda magazine ‘Dabiq’, Daesh, alongside a sickening adulation for the perpetrators of the recent Brussels terror attacks, have published a hit-list of 22 Muslim Imams and community leaders living in the UK, USA and Canada under the heading “Kill the Imams of Kufr in the West”.

In an attempt to further sow discord on the earth and invite people to commit atrocious acts of violence and murder, Daesh calls for those living in the west to ‘make an example’ of the Imams they have named; Imams who have been actively and consistently speaking out against Daesh and warning young Muslims about the danger of being lured into their midst.

The names of individuals that Daesh have listed are an accurate reflection of the kind of mindset they have. In the way they indiscriminately maim without care anyone who opposes their will, the diverse nature of the Imams and community leaders listed (individuals that hail from different parts of the world and adhere to different schools of thoughts) shows the extent to which Daesh adhere to a doctrine of excommunicating anyone who disagrees with them and how this somehow makes them ‘legitimate’ targets for death.

The ideology of Daesh has been clear from their inception. They boastfully claim to be the only proponents of truth and orthodox Islam whilst constantly maligning the very religion they justify their actions with.

The role of Imams in the West has evolved over recent years to adapt to the challenges Muslim communities are facing in today’s society. The advent of modern forms of communication (something the likes of Daesh use to communicate with) has changed the way in which information is received and processed. The Imams that have been targeted by Daesh are individuals that strive to be credible pillars of the Muslim community and individuals that do not shy away from speaking out against barbarity and injustice. Imams Online supports the efforts of Imams and Scholars that use these platforms to expose the reality of Daesh.

Imams Online as a platform and social voice for Imams and Islamic faith leaders stands for justice and open dialogue and has consistently worked to showcase good practice. Having shared the work of eminent scholars like Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, Shaykh Yasir Qadhi and Imam Suhaib Webb, Imams Online stands with these Imams and Scholars and others who work hard to expose the lies and deceit peddled by Daesh.

When credible and distinguished Imams and Scholars are targeted in this way, it is important that as a community we come together to protect their integrity and ensure the safety of those that selflessly serve our needs. It is also important to continue working towards bringing communities together by rejecting violence, hate and bigotry. The key for Imams and faith leaders is to continue striving to connect with the young generation through innovative means and to continue speaking out against the violence and oppression being carried by some governments and splinter groups all over the world.

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