Council of Bristol Mosques holds Vigil for Terror Victims

Around 100 people gathered on College Green to hold a multi-faith vigil for the victims of terrorist attacks across the world.

The event was organised by the Bristol Muslim Cultural Society, Council of Bristol Mosques, Building the Bridge, Somali Community Organisations, Stand Against Racism & Inequality and the Bristol Multi-Faith Forum.

They event was organised to pay respect to the 129 people who lost their lives in Paris this weekend. A minute silence was also held to commemorate the victims of terrorism in Beirut, Turkey, Egypt and Syria.

Arif Khan from the Council of Bristol Mosques said: “Together we must all continue to stand against the thwarted ideologies that these extremists use to divide our communities, our message to them is that this has brought us even closer than before.”

Rizwan Ahmed from the Bristol Muslim Cultural Society said the event was to “stand united against any act against our peaceful multi-cultural, multi-faith and richly diverse communities”.

Manzur Huzane from the Council of Bristol Mosque said: “We feel their pain and we know the nation of France are going through a traumatic period.”

“We feel that what’s happened does not represent Islam in any way for Islam’s message has been hijacked by a few.

“We want to show solidarity with the bereaved families and with the nation of France and to show that in times of pain and pain transcends all religions and faiths and non-faiths,” he added.

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