Community Imam & Liaison Officer Vacancy in Middlesex!

Ashford and Stains Community Centre and Mosque are hiring!

Job Specification

POSITION:   Community Imam & Liaison Officer

LOCATION: ASCC, London Rd, Ashford, Middlesex TW14 8RW


SALARY:     Starting salary £25-27K per annum – based on experience

This position is upon a contractor basis, which requires success candidate to submit service invoices a monthly basis.   

Liaison Officer

  • Community work
    • Visit schools, hospitals, etc.
    • Liaise with local Police, council and relevant organisations.
    • Work collectively on Interfaith dialogue and cohesion
    • Invite scholars to address community
  • Centre Management Duties
    • Safeguarding Lead for Masjid & Madrasah
    • Ensure all groups (service users) are compliant with the Safeguarding Policy
    • Create, update manage all policies including, risk register.
    • Oversee all maintenance and operational affairs of centre; including regular fire alarm tests, safety compliance, etc.

Community Imam

  • Leading Prayers
    • Work in tandem with existing Imams
    • Lead all prayers as per agreed salaah rota
    • Deliver Eid and Friday Khutbahs as per rota
    • Lead taraweeh salaah (if Haafidh)
  • Administrative Duties
    • Manage office; check emails, answer phone-calls,
    • Facilitate a volunteer to update Masjid Facebook account & website. 
  • Madrassah Duties 
    • Currently operating on the weekend and 3 weekdays for 150+ children
    • Undertake full administration of Madrasah (registration, fees collection, parents meetings, correspondence, ordering teaching materials)
    • Teach children if required
Contact details below for those interested 
Noah’s Ark
ASCC – Ashford & Staines Community Centre
Ashford, Middlesex. UK


Registered Charity 1147950

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