Children in Need 2017 – Securing A Happy Childhood

The BBC’s Children in Need appeal is back! The amazing evening, which aims to raise money for charities all over the UK, has raised a total of £800,000,000 over the years.

BBC Children in Need is the BBC’s corporate charity that envisions an inclusive, safe, happy and secure childhood for every child in the UK. The emphasis on paving avenues and allowing for children to reach their true potential, regardless of circumstance or background, is truly inspired.

The global humanitarian crises seldom accounts for those in the UK that are struggling, that lack support or basic human rights. In light of this growing disregard, alongside reports such as the Equalities and Human Rights Commission stating that the poorest in our nation have experienced a 10% decrease in income over the past 7 years, whereas the richest have only seen a 1% reduction, it is now more than ever necessary to assist this growing segment of our society.

Furthermore, this striking report highlights that:

  • Ethnic minority households will be more adversely affected than white households; the average loss for black families is 5% of income– more than double that for white families.
  • Families with a disabled adult and a disabled child will lose more than £5,500 a year as as result of tax and benefit changes, or about 13% of their net income; Those with disabled children only will lose an average of £3,300 a year.
  • Lone parents will lose about 15% of their net income on average, equivalent to almost £1 in every £6.

We must make a conscious effort to ensure the vulnerable, especially the children, in our nation have their needs adhered to. We must remember to support charities within the UK that focus on ensuring the safety, rights and potential of our children.

What Children in Need does is provide grants to projects within the UK, focusing on disadvantaged youth. They are local to people in all corners of the UK and support both small and large organisations to empower children and extend their life choices.

Children in Need are currently supporting 2,400 projects across the entirety of the UK. Such projects are funded to help children facing a vast range of disadvantages, be it poverty and deprivation, abuse and neglect or bereavement and disability.  

The increasingly evident need to safeguard our children must be met with the highest and most rigorous pursuit. The lack of knowledge, services and support for both individuals and institutions with regard to both providing and ensuring the safety of our children is actively being addressed by Faith Associates.

Faith Associates, an esteemed and certified organisation, provides safeguarding training to Islamic institutions. The lack of official standards and guidelines within our Islamic institutions constitutes the need for a comprehensive and practical guide to ensuring the safety of the most vulnerable in our communities.

Our children, here on our home turf, are increasingly in need. Charity begins at home; it must be our collective endeavour to ensure the safety, happiness and prosperity of the younger generations and future generations to come.

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