British Imams Voice Their Sadness and Outrage to Peshawar School Attack

The Imams of the UK have come together in condemnation and outrage, in the strongest possible terms, over the devastating events seen today in a school in Peshawar, Pakistan. Today has been an extremely difficult and distressing day, in which we saw more than 141 innocent people (132 children) brutally murdered and a similar number injured. The sentiments of the Global Muslim Community are with the families of the innocent children that tragically lost their lives.

It goes without saying that the abhorrent murder of these innocent souls is not only wholly un-Islamic and irreligious but an affront to humanity as a whole. British Imams, both Sunni and Shia, are deeply saddened by what unfolded today and urge their respective communities and congregations to collectively pray for the safety and security of all people in the face of such evil, unadulterated barbarism.

No religious or political motive can serve to justify the evil actions of the attackers in Peshawar today. They were individuals with no measure of morality; darkened souls, hearts and minds overwhelmed with bloodlust and indiscriminate anger.  The Imams of the UK continue to encourage and promote resilience, activism and community cohesion. The Imams of the UK are united in the fight against harmful, extremist mindsets and will always stand on the side of justice.

This heinous crime, once again, proves that the Muslim community has suffered at the hands of violent extremists more than any other community and cowardice terrorists do not differentiate between victims of their atrocities.  

We, the undersigned, fully support this statement and stand united against violent extremism. We implore the leaders of Pakistan to put aside all political differences at this time and take on the collective responsibility and immediate challenge of effective counter terrorism.

  • Qari Mohammed Asim MBE – Senior Imam Makkah Masjid, Leeds
  • Sheikh Muhammad Manwar Ali – JIMAS, Norwich
  • Mualana Shahid Raza OBE – Leicester Central Mosque, Leicester
  • Imam Rafiq Sufi Patel – Vice Chairman Lancashire of Mosque, Blackburn
  • Mufti Zymer Salihi – Chairman Albanian and Turkish Islamic Foundation, London
  • Prof Masood Akhtar Hazarvi – Al Hira Education Centre, Luton
  • Dr Musharraf Hussain – Director Karima Foundation, Nottingham
  • Sheikh Mohamed el Sharkawy – Al Azhar Academy, London
  • Sheikh Tahir Fayyaz – Abu Bakr Masjid, Southall London
  • Sheikh Sabazada Jeelani – Wycombe Islamic Mission/ South East Imams Forum, High Wycombe
  • Chairman Abdul Hameed Qurashi – Lancashire Council of Mosques, Preston
  • Imam Ghulam Rasool – Trustee Sultan Bahu Trust, Birmingham
  • Sheikh Sayed Ali Abass Razawi- Majlis Ulama-e-Shia, London
  • Hafiz Zaheer Shabir – Bristol Council of Mosques, Bristol
  • Imam M Irfan Chisti MBE – Rochdale Council of Mosques, Light of Islam Academy, Rochdale
  • Shaykh Hassan Rabbani Al-Azhari – Glasgow
  • Maulana Shabir Rabbani – Glasgow
  • Qari Zeeshan Bloach – Ghausia Masjid, Leeds
  • Qari Qasim – Madina Masjid, Leeds
  • Shaykh Fazle Abbas Datoo – Al Mahdi Centre, Wessex
  • Maqsood Ahmed OBE – Muslim Hands
  • Gul Muhammad – Jamia al-Karam, Nottinghamshire
  • Shaykh Osman Saeed dar Al-Azhari
  • Maulana Muhammad Arshad Jamil
  • Imam Hamid Qudoos Hashmi
  • Imran Muhammad
  • Mahboob Ahmed
  • Azam Jamil
  • Adil Bhatti
  • Mazher Hussain

Add your name to this list. Show your support for the fight against violent extremism.

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