British Imams Voice Outrage At Recent Incidents of Sectarian Violence

In the month of Muharram we have seen violence being committed in Pakistan in the name of Islam.

Last week, the senseless killing of 61 innocent people at police training college in Quetta, and the gunning down of 5 people in a Majlis in Karachi on sectarian grounds, once again, shows that terrorism has no religion. Terrorists are not motivated by Islam. Terrorism is a global phenomenon and one of the greatest challenges of our time.  This terror attack on a police training college has aggravated a sense of fear rekindled by a bloody attack on a city hospital a couple of months ago in which more than 70 people were killed.
In Karachi, through such attacks, the terrorists want to create sectarian violence in the city where peace has returned recently with the collective efforts of the army, government and the people of Pakistan.

Pakistani officials have alleged that Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, a banned militant group affiliated with the Taliban, has carried out these two attacks.
British Muslim Scholars called an urgent meeting to discuss the horrific attack in Quetta, and a number of sectarian attacks in Karachi in the last month. The scholars prayed for safety and security and peace for people of Pakistan.
“Through their evil actions, the terrorists have shown that they have no regard for any religion or humanity. They are committing terror and killing people indiscriminately, across the globe, irrespective of faith, nationality and background of the victims. The terrorists have maligned Islam – religion of peace- for their own political and territorial goals.” 
Imam Umar Hayat Qadri said:
“The recent attacks in Pakistan, as well as those across the globe, call for a robust and co-ordinated approach to tackle the growing violence caused by terrorism. The terrible blasts and killings are not only an attack on the people of Pakistan, Turkey, Iraq  Brussels or Paris, but an attack on all of us.”
Imam Zeshan Balooch said:
These attacks are an attempt to undermine the improved security in Pakistan, and community cohesion. They are indeed highly condemnable acts, but such cowardly acts cannot shake our resolve of eradicating the menace of terrorism.” 

A further meeting of British Muslim Scholars has been called on 6 November to discuss the growing terror attacks and to warn people about the tactics of terrorists to manipulate grievances for their political ambitions, and create further divisions in society on sectarian basis.
Qari Muhammad Asim
Senior Imam – Makkah Mosque, Leeds


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