Brierfield Imam will broadcast warning over Mosque radio to tackle anti-social youths

An Imam has agreed to broadcast messages over a mosque radio to stop gangs of anti-social youths congregating in parks and breaking coronavirus rules.

Over the last few weeks, police in Brierfield have been working with committee members from Jamia Mosque Sultania in an attempt to tackle the number of groups gathering in hot spot areas of the town, causing problems and generally being anti-social.

After speaking with the local Imam, it was agreed that messages would be broadcast via the mosque radio to warn the anti-social groups and address their blatant disregard for coronavirus lockdown rules and social distancing measures.

A spokesperson for the Brierfield Neighbourhood Police team said: “Brierfield Neighbourhood Policing Team’s PC Andrew Sarchet and PCSO Amy Stevenson have been working together with the local mosque chairperson and committee members in an attempt to tackle the numerous groups congregating in anti-social behaviour hot spot areas of Heyhead Park, Tunstill Square and Sackville St park sports play areas.

“The local Iman has kindly agreed to broadcast messages over the mosque radio to address those breaching the Covid rules and to make parents aware that many youths are causing problems generating complaints within the community.

“We ask that all please adhere to the Government rules as we all have a personal responsibility to follow these.

“Stay safe by protecting your vulnerable loved ones.”

Source: This Is Lancashire

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