Beirut Blast: One year on and the crisis “has only gotten WORSE”, Imam Adam Kelwick reports

Imam Kelwick distributing food parcels in Lebanon yesterday.

A year ago, on 4 August 2020, a blast ripped through the heart of Beirut and the world began to pay attention to Lebanon’s problems. However, after only a few days, the world once again turned away.

Humanitarian Imam Adam Kelwick is in Beirut and is actively documenting the Lebanese crisis on the ground via his social media pages. He reflects:

“Today marks exactly *one year* since the devastating Beirut blast happened, taking the lives of over 220 people.

Since then the crisis in Lebanon has only gotten WORSE. No money, no food, no medicines, no electricity, no fuel, no imports.

Help us raise awareness of the situation here and the work we’re doing to alleviate the pain.


Most of a regular household’s outgoings in Lebanon are now spent on food. State-provided electricity lasts for about 30 minutes each day, an hour if you’re lucky. As Lebanon is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to pharmaceutical exporters, medicines are no longer coming in – everything from drugs to treat headaches to cancers are rare as hen’s teeth.

People queue up for hours just to try and fill up their car, so they can go to work for a job they don’t know if they’ll be paid for. For two years, people have been restricted in accessing the money in their bank accounts because the banks have run out of money.

Tensions are running sky high in Lebanon, and the people are angry and desperate. Imam Adam shares this Facebook Live food distribution from Beirut:

“Our food distribution is already a day later than planned because of the clashes which happened here two days ago.

The scene here is quite chaotic and I have never witnessed desperation like this before. The recipients are a mix of Lebanese locals and Syrian refugees from all walks of life who wouldn’t ordinarily need help like this.

There is currently a food crisis in Lebanon, amd we’re doing what we can to alleviate the situation.


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Reference: The Independent

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