Saudi Arabia marks International Day of Disabilities

Monday 3rd of December saw the world mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities. Saudi Arabia made a special effort to reserve the Holy Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque for 2 hours to allow the circulation of persons with disabilities only. Here are some beautiful images to enjoy.

In the beginning, the visitors listened to an explanation of Umrah, and they also received some books and catalogs about it.

The presidency of the Holy Mosque’s affairs, represented by the general administration for social services and the unit specialized in people with special abilities, also prepared a special prayer room for the deaf-mute equipped with sign language translators and teachers.

Visually impaired people have also been provided with white canes which lead them to their specialized prayer rooms, in addition to a special suit case that contains a Quran, books, and maps for the Holy site in the Braille writing system and a watch that notifies them with prayer times.

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