BBC Covers The Important New Fatwa On Organ Donation

Amjid Ali – Organ recipient and  Chair of NHSBT (NHS Blood and Transplant) Project Lead, Transplantation In islam 

Amjid fell ill just before his 20th birthday, soon after he found out he required a kidney transplant. He was waiting for a fitting organ for almost 24 years before a matching kidney was found, within his family.

Dr Sharif oversees patients receiving regular dialysis on the renal ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, he said,

“Without a doubt our Muslim patients will spend a lot longer time on dialysis,”.

“Some of our Muslim patients will die while they’re actively on the waiting list because they’ve not received a kidney transplant. that number, in my opinion, appears to be growing.”

Dr Adnan Sharif warns waiting lists for organs are getting longer

Amjid has been working with Muslim scholars, Imams and key organisations across the UK to develop a fatwa around organ donation.  the BBC covered this important journey which seeks to save more lives through organ transplantation.

The fatwa will bring help catalyse an acceptance around organ donation,, which has often been  looked at with uncertainty in the Muslim community . Questions around autonomy over the body have arisen, with communities approaching organ donation as a taboo,  often avoiding discussions about it altogether . This fatwa- or Islamic ruling from the Islamic leadership therefore is welcomed by ImamsOnline. We appreciate the impact Islamic clergy can have on community opinions,  offering guidance and well as setting the boundaries for Islamic practices.

See the below link for the interview conducted by the BBC on the journey Mr Ali has taken to the production of the fatwa.

For more information on how to donate, see 

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