Baghdad Bomb Attacks Target Families and Children in Ramadan

The Bomb Attacks in Baghdad Iraq have been deadly and lethal, causing maximum mayhem and carnage.

Targeting innocent civilians in the month of Ramadan – a month of Mercy- including children, who were preparing for Eid is beyond human imagination.

Prayers and thoughts for over 170 people (and the number keeps rising) who have been brutally murdered, those injured, and their families.
These Terrorists are NOT following any version of Islam, as some people claim. They are killers of innocent lives, they are people who claim to be part of the Muslim community but the Prophet (peace be upon him) predicted the emergence of these people and said that they would not be following Islam.
This tragic incident once again shows that Muslims have suffered considerably as a result of the rise of extremism, particularly in terms of the number of lives lost around the world (only in this month we have seen attacks in Turkey, Bangladesh and Pakistan).

The foul and divisive views of extremists will only be defeated through us working together, with mutual co-operation between all communities, religious and political leaderships and international agencies.

Qari Muhammad Asim

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