Australian National Imam Council holds 9th AGM

The General Assembly of the Australian National Imams Council held its ninth session from Saturday,14 November to Sunday 15 November, 2015 in Sydney. The AGM was convened in conjunction with a National Imams Islamic Conference that lasted two days.

The AGM was honoured by the participation of  the Chairmen and members of the Councils of Imams representing the states of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and ACT.

The General Assembly of the Australian National Imams Council discussed and considered numerous topics and affairs that concern the Australian Muslims at home and abroad.

It also discussed various proposals on different strategies and future plans for ANIC and the Australian Muslim community.

FATWA & Research strategy, Da’wah & Education strategy, Muslim Family Affairs strategy, Community Engagement strategy and Media & PR strategy were amongst the various topics that were deliberated upon.

At this Ninth ANIC AGM, the following ANIC office bearers were elected:

Imam Shady Alsuleiman: NSW , President

Imam Abdel Aziem Abdel Rahman Afifi: VIC, Vice President

Imam Moustapha Sarakibi: VIC, Secretary

Imam Mohamad Khamis: NSW, Assistant Secretary

Imam Mohamed Imran Husain: QLD, Treasurer

Imam Yusuf Peer: QLD, Assistant Treasurer

Imam Dr. Ibrahim Abu Mohammad: NSW, Mufti of Australia

Imam Abdul Salam Zoud: NSW, Executive Member

Imam Abdul Moez Nafti: NSW, Executive Member

Imam Shabbier Ahmad: NSW, Executive Member

Imam Mohamad About Eid: VIC, Executive Member

Imam Mogamat Majidih Essa: VIC, Executive Member

Imam Abdulla Abdalhamid Hawari: VIC, Executive Member

Imam Riad El Rifai: SA, Executive Member

Imam Ameen About Samaha: SA, Executive Member

Imam Burhaan Mehtar: WA, Executive Member

Imam Faizel Gaffer: WA , Executive Member

Imam Adama Konda: ACT, Executive Member

The Australian National Imams Council would like to thank all the Imams who attended and participated in the AGM and the conference for their valuable opinions and worthwhile contributions that benefit immensely the extensive Australian society and particularly the Muslims of Australia.

Source: Australasian Muslim Times

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