“As if you see it” … a daily series for the preacher Amr Khaled in the month of Ramadan

Dr. Amr Khaled, the Islamic preacher, revealed the details of his Ramadan program for this year under the title: “As if You See It”, which is based on coexistence with a group of young men and women from different cultures and nationalities on a faith trip throughout the month.

In a statement to the electronic newspaper Hespress, the Islamic preacher explained that the program is a spiritual journey that touches the soul and addresses the mind experienced by the Islamic preacher with six young men and women from different cultures and nationalities united by the love of God, who travel in a high spiritual atmosphere that highlights the beauty of the universe and the great creation of God in 30 episodes.

He continued: “Each episode revolves around a name of God’s Most Beautiful Names and the manifestations of this name in the universe to advance morals and life skills to reach the status of charity.”

The program revolves around the meaning of benevolence, and “How do we achieve it in worship to God Almighty, and in life dealings with each other so that we master our actions, as it is not limited to the servant’s relationship with his Lord only, even if this is the origin, as the hadith shows:” To worship God as if you see him “But what is meant is to activate charity in everything.”

In the program’s episodes, Khaled tells his story with a number of young men and women who have spiritual experiences that made them live up to themselves and their relationship with God, to confirm the fact that charity is a natural image and a reality we can live with.

He explained that the goal that the program seeks to achieve comes through moving the spiritual imagination, and living in the beautiful names of God, which is the executive practical program for feeling the vision of God, saying: “The names of God the Most Beautiful move the spiritual imagination to reach a feeling as if you see it.”

Khaled pointed out that the human mind is incapable of realizing the same God, but God, with His mercy, kindness, and love for His servants, has known himself to His servants in a way that makes it easier for them to realize his attributes, glory be to Him through His Most Beautiful Names, then He glorified His Glory with His mercy and generosity, and he was willing to make His Most Beautiful Names manifested throughout the universe; the universe was a mirror The effects of the manifestations of his beautiful names.

He went on explaining that “God’s most beautiful names fill life to feel the presence of God with you as if you see him. So, from his name, the tenderness, the people of tenderness and the people of virtue, and from his friendly, compassionate, and merciful names, the people of generosity and the people of affection and the people of mercy appear, and from his name Shafi you see the wonders of God’s healing to His servants (and if I got sick, and they heal) [الشعراء:80]And from his mighty name he compels his broken servants in life, and in the voice of thunder the name of the dominant God is revealed, and in the breezes of the night the name of the gentle God is revealed, and in the fluctuation of human condition, his humiliating and humiliating name appears.

And the Islamic preacher mentioned that “Allah’s most beautiful names live in all the details of this life in its length and breadth, to reach a deep sense of God as if you see it.”

Khaled stressed the necessity of interbreeding between dhikr and thought, “for thought means: thinking and meditation, and dhikr and thought together mean: a tongue that mentions and a mind contemplating and a heart that is affected and excited,” noting that the aim of this is to reach the degree of charity through dhikr that is achieved through a triple process: Tongue, mind and heart.


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